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Microsoft 365 A3 | Global Admin + 100.000 User Licenses + 100.000 Windows 10 Enterprise Avalaible – Unlimited Subscription

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Microsoft 365 A3 | Global Admin + 100.000 User licenses + 100.000 Windows 10 Enterprise Avalaible

A3 Includes:

Project for Office (Plan E3)
Common data service
Information protection for Office 365-Standard
Education analysis
Microsoft Kaizala Pro
Slate (Plan 2)
Intune for education
Cloud application security discovery
Pending tasks (plan 2)
*** Windows 10 Enterprise ***
Educational Edition of Minecraft
Microsoft Intune
Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication
Azure Active Directory Premium P1
Azure Active Directory Basic for EDU
Microsoft Stream for O365 E3 SKUs
School Data Synchronization (Plan 2)
Azure rights management
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft StaffHub
Power Apps for Office 365
Power Automate for Office 365
Microsoft Forms (plan 2)
Microsoft Planner
Yammer for academics
Skype for Business Online (Plan 2)
Office for the web (education)
SharePoint Plan 2 for EDU
Office 365 cloud application security
The latest desktop version of Office

Microsoft 365 A3 provides Educational Centers with a secure, manageable, configured and ready-to-start cloud work environment, with the most innovative and modern tools thanks to Office 365, Windows, Intune and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Providing a way of teaching, more creative, more self-sufficient as well as collaborative and based on motivating challenges, which generate participatory and inclusive classrooms.

Enterprise Mobility + Security provides an intelligent platform for security and management of mobile devices, offering maximum protection to the school, teachers and students so that they can focus on improving learning outcomes.

With adequate and accredited technical security measures for compliance with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation). Certified in accordance with the High Level of the National Security Scheme (ENS), one of the most complete and demanding security policies in Europe, mandatory in Spain for the adoption of cloud services in institutions linked to public administration .

On the other hand, and thanks to Intune for Education, mobile devices (MDM) can be managed from the cloud by performing functions such as:

-Centrally deploy a configuration to all devices in the center (or those of your choice) from a central console and unattended.
-Install full software.
-Configure Wi-Fi networks and create policies for different profiles easily and quickly.
– Block applications, updates and access.

Microsoft 365 Education

When students use Microsoft Office 365 they are developing the skills and competencies they will need in their future. Providing them with online applications for work from anywhere and desktop applications for advanced functionality.

Office 365 is the only software listed as the highest demands for the highest paying jobs according to IDC. Bringing the most powerful smart features to help students become better data writers, presenters, and analysts.

Microsoft makes countless benefits available to educational centers around the world, allowing students and teachers to work with the latest versions of software and online solutions, as well as training and making the most of useful tools for learning and the world of work. getting:

  • Share learning and collaborate on tasks through interactive reports and presentations with access to the most popular productivity suite, Office 365 with Sway and OneNote.
  • Develop computational and critical thinking, code creation Create and share entirely new shapes
    Connect and learn with teachers around the world using Skype and the Teacher Ambassador program.
  • Explore new worlds through collaborative problem solving.
  • Get real-time feedback from anywhere inside or outside the classroom Teach and learn by doing and exploring
    Help the student overcome reading, writing, language, and learning barriers and track student performance using OneNote.
  • Promoting inclusive learning and treating diversity Adapting to any learning style.
  • Focus on results, not technology.
  • Access a multitude of devices for every need in the classroom.
  • Keep student information private and secure. With blocking of malware, unwanted content and applications (Windows Defender, Apps Blockers …).
  • Access all learning materials from any device, online or offline with a single single sign-on with Office 365.

Microsoft Teams
A single space for conversations, files, class notebook, assignments and applications

Digital notebook. The ultimate tool for classroom organization

The necessary storage for both teachers and students

Smart email and calendar

Smart word processor

The spreadsheet par excellence

Professional Presentations

Document management and administration of the educational center.

With the Global Administrator account you get:

-Permission to create 100,000 Users. Faculty or student accounts.
-Permissivity to reset passwords.
-You can add your own Domain.
-Create, customize and delete accounts as you wish.

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